AgileMapper constructs objects using configured factories, factory methods and constructors, in that order.

Factory Methods

A factory method will be used if:

  • It's a public, static method returning an instance of the Type
  • Its name starts with 'Create' or 'Get'
  • All its parameters have matching source values


A constructor will be used if:

Selection Rules

  • Configured constructions are preferred
  • The factory method or constructor with the most parameters is preferred
  • If a factory method has the same number of parameters as a constructor, the factory method is preferred
  • If a factory method or constructor complex type argument would be passed as null, the next available factory method or constructor is used
  • If there are no available factory methods or constructors with all-matched parameters - and no public, parameterless constructor - the member for which the object would be created is ignored
  • To avoid infinite loops, if an object has a complex type constructor parameter of its own Type (a 'copy constructor'), it will be ignored.

If required, both constructor parameters and object construction can be configured.